• We believe in putting people first.
  • Our Belief
  • Your customers are not robots. They're people. Their decisions are driven by their feelings at least as much as by facts. So you need an easy tool to bring the personal and emotional layers into your important customer interactions, even if you never ever stand face to face with that person. Especially then.

  • Our System
  • HealthSnap is that tool. You record little, personal video messages on any device. Share them via social media or email. Your customers don't have to download or register, and they can watch them on any browser. You can even customize the branding. And more.

  • Our Team
  • We dig what we do. We share a set of common values and we share a desire to help businesses feel more human. We love to meet new people who share these beliefs - customers, investors, prospective partners and team members.

  • Jim Joyce

    Director Healthsnap

    Carol Clarke

    Business Development

    Jim is a Dublin based healthcare entrepreneur who serves as the CEO of award winning healthcare services company Point of Care Health and is one of the founding directors for Boston based video messaging company Vsnap. Jim is passionate about leveraging digital health solutions to improve patient care. Prior to Point of Care he worked for 10+ years in the pharmaceutical industry including Managing Director and founding executive of Schering Plough's Irish country operations. His past roles in pharmaceuticals include Director of USA Finance, Director of Europe/Mid East/Canada and has experience working in both Primary Care and Specialty Biotech Product Lines.  Jim is a driven, capable executive with a specific expertise and passion for launching pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.
    Carol Clarke joined the Healthsnap team in December 2013. Prior to that she worked in a Marketing/Business Development role in the Pharmaceutical Industry for over eight years. Her academic credentials include a Degree in Marketing, a HDip in Business Education and a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management from Smurfit Business School. She recently completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing and this experience both inspired and prompted her to move into the mHealth and digital technology space. Her role with Healthsnap is in a Marketing and Business Development function where she has worked hard to anchor and develop the Healthsnap brand. She is very excited about Healthsnaps future and about how she sees the tool evolving on a world scale. ‘Healthsnap has the power to enhance and transform communication between a Healthcare professional and patient - its unique tool with huge potential’
  • Our Dream
  • We want businesses to feel warm and human, even on the web. And we're building HealthSnap to make that happen. We think that idea is beautiful.


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